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Chakra Crystal Set- Rough Stones

Chakra Crystal Set- Rough Stones

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A perfect gift to align your chakras

Rough stones are in their natural state.   Rough stones are just as they were created so some are drawn to them for that reason.  Rough stones are just that- rough- and just like natural the energy they give off can be a bit more unpolished.     Do you have that friend that tells you what you need to hear, even if it isn't said in "just the right way".  Well welcome to your new friend, rough stones.

This set includes the following stones:

Labradorite: A crown chakra stone, this powerful transformational stone supports you during change, particularly connecting with your higher consciousness.    Labradorite is also a great stone to calm your mind and remove fears, particularly those in your subconscious. 

Fluorite:  This third eye chakra stone supports intuition and the dream.  Fluorite a great at supporting our spiritual growth, and it’s ability to help us work through old patterns and concentrate makes it a great stone to have.

Blue Apatite:  Our throat chakra stone, helps us manifest, and like many blue stones associates with the throat chakra, when you speak it into being- you are putting it into the Universe.  Blue Apatite supports our ability to speak our truth and promoted openness.

Chrysoprase: A heart chakra stone, this crystal promotes compassion and forgiveness.  Chrysoprase is said to support us in understand and healing emotional blocks, releasing past grief.

Orange Calcite: This solar plexus chakra crystal removes fear and karmic baggage, helping is reach our true potential.  Orange Calcite promotes confidence maximizing potential.

Tigers Eye: Our sacral chakra stone, tiger’s eye is a stone of passion and courage.  Tiger’s eye supports protection and integrity, helping lift your mood and understanding desires.

Black Obsidian: A root chakra stone, this powerful stone has no bounds and works very quickly, exposing flaws and blockages.  In fact, some might choose to take a break from their obsidian because of this and use a black tourmaline or hematite if they aren’t ready for the work.  Black Obsidian is not only a grounding stone, but a protective shield. 


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