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Chakra Crystal Set- Tumbled Stones

Chakra Crystal Set- Tumbled Stones

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This chakra set features tumbled stones.  Some people prefer tumbled stones for how they look.  Tumbled stones tend to have a gentler energy, which can be great for those new to using stones for their metaphysical properties.   If you are also just learning about chakras, these tumbled stones will be your new favorite.  The stones in this set are hand-picked, and not what you would fine in a typical chakra set.  They are an excellent way to learn about the stone as well as the chakra they correspond to.

You can also add a Selenite Bowl to hold and clear your crystals.   

 The stones included in this set are:

Amethyst: A crown chakra stone to promote spiritual wisdom, Amethyst is an excellent stone for meditation, visualization, and dream recall.  Amethyst harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. It is a master healer, promoting calmness and surrounding us with higher vibrational energy.

Shiva Lingam: Our third Eye Chakra stone, but this stone is great for all of the chakras.  Shiva Lingam connects us to our cosmic self and connects and balance all of the chakras, and heightens our awareness.  This stone can be found at only one of seven holy sites in India.

Septarian: This throat chakra stone is fittingly known as the speaker stone.  Septarian enhances our ability to communicate, particularly to a group.  It is also a nurturing stone and a stone of confidence, important when speaking not only to others, but to ourselves.

Rhodonite: A heart chakra powerhouse, this pink stone nurtures love and helps our heart heal.  This stone is a powerful aid in processing emotions, particularly grief.

Unakite: This solar plexus chakra stone facilitates spiritual and physiological growth.  Unakite encourages persistence and promotes confidence through self love. 

Chiastolite: A sacral chakra stone, this crystal is a protective stone beneficial in balancing our energy and calming anxiety and relieving stress.  Helpful in balancing the sacral energy, Chiastolite keeps us stable and it deflects negativity.

Petrified Wood: This root chakra stone is an excellent grounding stone, with ancient connections to the Earth energy.  This stone carries wisdom and and is especially useful in supporting our long term goals, supporting our stability and progress towards our life’s purpose.


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