3 Tips to Enjoy the Holiday & Minimize Stress

3 Tips to Enjoy the Holiday & Minimize Stress

Right now is the perfect time to take control of your energy and your time.  We are in the full throws of the holiday season.  Not only do we have our usual to do list, we also have our holiday to do list.  When you combine both, with evenings that seem to arrive before you can barely get started, then you have to plan accordingly so you can be productive.  This doesn’t mean you have to try and squeeze a few more hours out of the day- on the contrary- you just have to align your time properly.


Here are 3 Tips to Enjoy the Holiday & Minimize Stress:


  1. Make a list!   I know it seems simple, but get all of your to do’s out of your head and on paper (or into your phone).  This allows you to free up the mental space that is being used keeping track of all the things you have to do.
  2. Group you list to coincide with the moon.  I prefer to block things by elements and handle them according to the phase that fits best.  Earth days- I get a lot done, but I make sure I have a plan ahead of time.  Water days- I rest and enjoy down time. 
  3. Don’t over-schedule.   Know that you will NOT get everything done, and that is okay.  You may have planned to watch a holiday show each night, see about 3 holiday plays, decorate every room, get everyone just the right gift….you see where this is going.  We can have the best intentions, but we only have so much time. Don’t stress by trying to fit everything in.


The holiday season can be a mix of emotions.  We can feel happy, at peace, but also rushed.  So take breaks and enjoy the season, don’t try to charge through.  Focus on the time and experiences.  And eating cookies watching a holiday movie might be just what you need. 


If you want to plan your holiday season, and learn a few tricks on how aligning with the moon can help you plan your schedule, then join me in Moon Aligned: Holiday Edition, and get your free calendar and a walk through on planning the last month of the year!


Happy Holidays!

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