Our Story


Laissez Faire started with an idea and a lot of tinkering.   As young parents, my husband and I were determined to give our children a healthy lifestyle and an understanding of balance.  As we both grow, and as our girls continue to grow, we continue to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the vessel that is our body, but finding that balance isn't always as easy as it seems. 

Laissez Faire was a lot of time in the making, but the name grew from the concept- let things take place without interference.   We come into the world in balance - our mind, body, and spirit in balance with God, the Universe, and nature.   Unfortunately, in time we lose that balance.  But I am sure you agree, it doesn't have to be that way- and shouldn't be so hard to reclaim.   So that is Laissez Faire- a journey to getting out of the way of our own balance between mind, body and spirit. 

Laissez Faire is all about longevity.   The mission of Laissez Faire is to make healthy choices, wellness, natural care and spirituality not only accessible, but a normal part of our every day life! 

Hopefully you find something here to help you on your journey- a piece of information, a product, or just a reminder that helps you take a small step towards your Laissez Faire.

 - Marquex