A Journey Begins...

A Journey Begins...

A new chapter begins, but the journey has been in the making for years. At first an idea was cultivated, and brewed, and evaporated, then stayed somewhere on the surface peaking through here and again, yet not fully coming into fruition until now.  So now I present to you Laissez Faire.   

My husband Omari and I talked about the idea some time ago and came up with the name.  After that, Laissez Faire was largely a verb used when I was creating some concoction when someone was sick or had an ailment.   But it continued to grow.  So while we grew and our family grew, the seeds planted by my Mom started to grow also.   

So what is Laissez Faire, it is the place where we find that balance.   Health is so much more than what we eat and if we are exercising.  Our body is only as healthy as our mind, and our mind and body are only as healthy as our spirit.  We are born into this world in balance with God, the Universe, Nature, and whatever your beliefs center upon.  Nevertheless, we don't stay that way. So Laissez Faire will be the continuation of that growth and I hope you join the Laissez Faire family, which will be about finding that balance, where mind, body, and spirit are in harmony.  No two days will be the same, but that is to be expected.  We are letting things take place and expressing our gratitude for the blessing and abundance all around us.  

Hopefully you find something- a piece of information, a product, or just a reminder that helps you take a small step towards your Laissez Faire.  The Journey Begins Within, so let's EXPLORE!  


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