Celebrating Fall Equinox & the Harvest Season

Celebrating Fall Equinox & the Harvest Season

I love Fall!   The weather changes from hot to a balance of warm days, but cool mornings and evenings.  You can bundle up in a blanket in the morning, but you still can take a nice walk outside and feel the warmth of the Sun while the wind blows in the air.   Even more wonderful are the colors!  Fall is full of color.  The leaves begin to change, and all of Nature’s beauty is on full display.

If you are like me, Fall sends this mental signal to prepare.  Prepare the home for family, time inside, and a reset as the year comes to a close.  It also is the signal of preparing your body, you may begin to increase your water intake to account for the internal dryness that results from drier air as we spend more time indoors with the heater or fireplace warming us. Or maybe you begin to crave more warm foods as our digestion also slows down and we see the days get shorter.

Fall is a season of Harvest, taking stock of what you have planted so that it can nourish you over the coming months.  Launching Laissez Faire was a major Harvest for me and my family.  It has been something in the works for quite some time.  So as my gift to you, I have put together a Fall Reset Checklist.  This guide will be a gentle reminder of some things you can do to get you off to a great start to the new season.  It will also assist you in recognizing what your own personal harvest has been this season. Lastly, you can begin to embrace ongoing habits to nourish your mind, body, and spirit in the months to come.

Hope You Enjoy and Wishing you a Happy Fall, Happy Mabon,  &


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