Don't start that work-out program.  Here is why you should wait

Don't start that work-out program. Here is why you should wait

Seasonal adjustments can be a challenge.    While the conveniences of life are wonderful, allowing us to do things at all times, there is wisdom in understanding the way the seasons impact us and what we can do to successfully embrace the seasonal changes. 

I am no psychologist, but I think a big reason so many of us feel blah in the winter is because we are supposed to, except it isn't blah, but quiet calm- something we aren't familiar with.  If you pause and look around, you see trees barren and animals hibernating.  The long cold of night literally send us into the house, where the calm crackle of the fire and the flicker of flames mesmerizes us.  We are meant to quiet our bodies and our minds, though our modern schedules and habits make us begrudge the dark. 

So don't start that workout program January 1.  Our calendar suggests we are in a new year- but we have just entered winter, a time of reflection and introspection.  Use this time to start a mindful movement practice. Maybe it's meditation, a gentle yoga class, a walk outside (yes in the cold), but focus on a habit that nourishes you while encouraging you to be calm and reflective. Spring is really the best time to start the new workout routine, the energy of the season will see that you are fired up and eager to stick with it.   (Now if you want to start, go ahead!   But appreciate any progress you make, give yourself extra time to achieve any goal you set, and don’t give up if you haven’t found the consistency you would like.)


To get you in the right mindset, here is a free guide for you.  It's an End of Year Journal to help you focus on the wins and challenges of 2023 so you can prepare yourself for 2024.   


And don't feel compelled to finish this by December 31. In fact, after the full moon on Dec. 26 through Jan. 10, as the moon wanes, you will likely feel even more inspired to reflect and release what didn't work for you this year.

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