Expand Your Collection With These Six Crystals

Expand Your Collection With These Six Crystals

If you checked out my article on the top 5 Crystals to start your collection, you already have a great set of all around “rock” stars!  If you are looking for additional crystals to help with your personal growth, particularly balancing your chakra energy, you will want to check out the chakra sets. 

The Rough Chakras Set and the Tumbled Chakras Set each contain seven crystals to correspond to the 7 chakra system.  These sets have different crystals, and the main difference in rough and tumbled crystals is the energy they bring.   Tumbled crystals will support your energy field, but in my experience, they are a bit calmer.   Whereas rough crystals can feel just like that- raw energy.   You will likely be drawn to one over the other, so go with that first.   (Pro-tip:  don’t second guess yourself- just go with it).   

If your crystal collection includes my top 5, the chakras sets, or you are looking for some other crystals that are truly all around powerhouses  - then these are some I recommend you add to your spiritual toolbox.   


Black Kyanite:  Black Kyanite is an excellent healing stone.  It is said to allow us to fully connect to our purpose and higher self.  It also assists us physically, aiding us on a cellular level to improve our health.  I consider this Black Kyanite necklace to be a must have. I wear it daily because not only does it keep you grounded, Black Kyanite is considered a great protection crystal since it repels negative energy, instead of absorbing it.  For this reason it does not need to be cleared as you would need to do with most other crystals.  


Moonstone: Looking for balance, working with the moon, or connecting with Divine Feminine energy, then you will want this crystal.   Moonstone activates the third eye and crown chakras, and also connects to the divine feminine- creation, balance, intuition.  Wearing a moonstone pendant keeps your energy balanced and your spiritual senses primed for personal growth. It is also great for moon related grids, and holding during meditation.


Rhodonite is a beautiful crystal with a blend of black and pink throughout. Rhodonite balances yin and yang energy, the masculine and feminine, helping us to become all around connected to our feelings. It is a great heart chakra crystal, beneficial for heart healing, particular old emotional wounds. Rhodonite is a great crystal for strengthening the condition of the heart physically and helps us to tap into inner emotions, process difficulties, especially grief, and release what no longer serves us, leading to emotional growth.  This Rhodonite heart is a great addition to your collection


Smoky Quartz:   As a quartz, it is an amplifying crystal, so it is great to have amongst other protection crystals in particular. Smoky Quartz is thought to absorb negative energy and transmute it, so it’s great placed at thresholds.    As an earth energy crystal, Smoky Quartz helping us ground into our being, particularly useful for both the root and earth chakras.  Because it strengthens our earthly connection, it also supports clear thinking and calms the nervous system. 


Amazonite: These crystals are calming to the brain and nervous system, aiding in maintaining optimum health.  It soothes the whole body system, being particularly useful in calming an aggravated digestive system.  Amazonite is a great stone to use when meditating during your cleanse or a reset.  Amazonite, a balancing crystal, promotes communication and manifestation. This is a favorite for grids.


Mookaite: Great for sacral and solar plexus chakras, Mookaite supports health and the physical body. Working on making changes, this crystal assists us in removing unhealthy habits, and provides us the energy we need to make these changes. Mookaite aides in healing and promotes inner balance and flexibility.  Keep it near your working space as this crystal provides grounding and clarity, making it a great crystal for decision making.

There are so many great types of crystals, this just touches the surface on some great all around crystals you will want to add to your collection.  Explore the shop for these crystals and more.

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