Simple Steps to Strengthening Our Physical Energy

Simple Steps to Strengthening Our Physical Energy

Are you recharging your own battery, or are you constantly trying to catch up.   Do you make time for your meditation, your workout, an evening skincare ritual, or do you end up missing it because you were too busy?   Self-care is indeed sacred.  And if we don't make the time, we usually will be forced to make the time - usually before a big event, or travel plans.  In fact, I think we are forced to rest at the worst times just to make a point and get our attention. 

Our Use of ENERGY

Scientifically, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just transfers.  We learn this in physics, but how does this apply to us?  Our physical energy levels are linked to hormones in our bodies.  For men, hormone levels operate on a 24 hour schedule, For women, our hormone levels change through the course of our 28 day menstrual cycle.  The Moon, similarly takes about 28 days to complete a revolution around the Earth,  with a New Moon every 29 days.   Do you see a pattern?    


Our energy levels change through the course of the month, and how we best use our energy changes through the course of the week (we go over this in more detail during the Moon Program,  Lunar Lights).  Learning to build some time to reset and recharge allows us to move through our periods of high and low energy with easy.    

To do this, we can make some simple changes to support our physical energy levels.   


Some simple steps for making time:

  1. Put it on your calendar.   The simple act of scheduling some time for something to recharge your battery, whether it is reading, a workout, a bath, or time doing something you enjoy, makes it important.   You are putting it right there with the appointments, the meetings, etc.   If you block out the time, it is easier to avoid being busy doing something else.   (Pro tip: Pick a time you know you won’t push it off.  If you don’t like waking up, don’t put it early in the morning until you have made it a habit of getting up with enough time.   You want to set yourself up for success!).
  2. Don't focus on big, just on doing.    Don’t try to start with an hour workout when you haven’t done 10 minutes consistently.  Same with journaling, don’t expect to sit for 5 minutes if you haven’t wrote a sentence.   Start small- a sentence on how you’re feeling or even the first 3 words that come to mind.  Workout the length of three of your favorite songs.  Take a shower, but grab your favorite soap or shower steamer.   Listen to a five minute meditation (Insight Timer has great options and it’s free)
  3. Give yourself grace when you forget, but remember you can't water from an empty can.  When starting a new habit, you will forget.  Give yourself a quick recharge with calm breathing.  Box breathing is simple and easy to do - in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4, repeat.   But remember, what is your reason?  If you aren’t taking time for your own health,  it will begin to show over time.  Don’t wait until then.


Stay tuned for the next article, focusing on our spiritual energy.    If you want to learn more about working with your energy, join me for the Moon Class-  you will see why this is exactly what you have been missing!  Until then- grab a warm drink and relax for a moment!

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