Top 5 Crystals to Start Your Collection

Top 5 Crystals to Start Your Collection

 I have collected many crystals over the past years and love them all for the energy they provide.  All different, some more forceful energy that I use when I am really focusing and in my zone.  Others are so vital that they are worn daily and never come off.  But there is so much to learn about crystals, it is hard to know where to start.  The best thing is to get some multi-purpose, calming stones.  When you are getting started with stones, you might not want one that is going to throw you into the deep end of your spiritual work like moldavite or even for some, black obsidian.  You also might not want stones that are so protective that they block everything out.  Your best bet is to start with crystals that will elevate your spirit, help you in connecting to your higher self, provide grounding energy and protection, but though strong are gentle stones.

So here is my list of the top 5 crystals to start your collection.

Amethyst:  Amethyst is relatively easy to find, yet this stone is an all around powerhouse!   Amethyst is sometimes known as the master healer, as it helps us harmonize our mind, body, and spirit.  As crown chakra stone, Amethyst promotes spiritual wisdom, and is an excellent stone for meditation, visualization, and dream recall.   This is my birthstone (any February babies should have this stone) so not only is it a personal stone, but it is the stone I have had the longest. 

Selenite: Selenite is a wonderful stone.  Named after Selene, Greek goddess of the Moon, it is a great stone for meditating- particularly on new and full moons.  Selenite has a calming energy and is well known for its ability to clear negative energy.  The best thing about selenite is that is doesn't need to be cleared like many crystals do, it clears itself.  This crown chakra crystal supports us in connecting to our higher self, promotes self-awareness, and is great for helping connect with your emotions.  One word of caution, Selenite is a soft stone, which can scratch easily.  Additionally, it should not be cleansed in water as it will cause your stone to slowly deteriorate.  (Here are my tips on how to cleanse your crystals.)

Black Tourmaline:  This is a must have for grounding and protection.  As a root chakra stone, it helps you stay grounded and release worry, so it can be useful near your bed.  Black tourmaline protects our energy or auric field by absorbing negative energy, so it is a great stone to wear.  For this reason,  It is also a great stone to place in your home, particularly near the front door. 

Clear Quartz: This is a rockstar, literally!  Clear quartz is a healing stone, known for its ability to amplify energy.  Clear quartz are often used in grids to maximize the intention and energy of the other crystals around it.  Clear quartz is also a crown chakra crystal, though it aligns with all of the chakras. 
This is a must have stone for manifestation and personal and spiritual growth, connecting us to the divine.

Labradorite: A crown chakra stone, this powerful transformational stone supports you during change, particularly connecting with your higher consciousness.    Labradorite is also a great stone to calm your mind and remove fears, particularly those in your subconscious, which make it excellent at supporting restful sleep.

As you explore the shop for these and other crystals, you will find you are drawn to some, usually for reasons you aren’t consciously aware of, but that your spirit needs.  And you don’t always have to “do” something with your crystals.  Yes, they may be helpful while meditating or sleeping, but crystals are working simply by being present in your space.  Crystals are a truly powerful ally on our life journey.  Enjoy!



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