Full Moon Energy.  What Is It All About?

Full Moon Energy. What Is It All About?

The Full Moon is a time known for its energy!  At the Full Moon, the moon appears full to us in the night sky because it is farthest away from the Sun in its orbit, and fully illuminated to us.  And as such, the Full Moon is a time of illumination, meaning it highlights things in our life that we need to become aware of. It brings our subconscious thoughts to the fore, giving us that ah-ha moment. For our benefit, the Full Moon is a great time to focus on what you have accomplished since the lunar cycle began at the New Moon.  And if you set an intention at the New Moon a couple of weeks ago, acknowledge the growth you have had in working to bring that intention into reality. 

On a larger astrological scale, the Moon circles the Earth in the night sky.  As it so, it changes position and enters each of the twelve astrological signs throughout a full cycle.  The Moon only stays in each sign for a couple of days, and at the time the Moon becomes full, it will be in a particular sign, today it is in Pisces.  The astrological sign the Full Moon is in helps us understand both what aspects of our life we will see both illumination of something, as well as opportunity for release.  For example, Pisces is a water sign, connecting us to both emotions and the spirit realm.  Because this particular Full Moon is in the astrological sign of Pisces, what it will be illuminating for us will be connected to our intuition, that gut feeling. On this particular Full Moon, expect to have an ah-ha moment about something you have been sensing but haven’t been able to put your finger on.  This will also be the area you find whatever it is that you need to release.  But before you get bogged down looking into signs and their meaning, just focus on creating a simple Full Moon ritual. 

But what exactly is the benefit of a Full Moon Ritual?   

A ritual is a routine, something you do regularly at certain points in time.  How much you do is personal, you are simply working in alignment with the energy around you.  Your Full Moon ritual doesn’t need to be extensive, but here are some ideas to support you in creating a ritual of celebrating the growth you have made and reflecting on what can be released during the coming weeks while the Moon wanes in preparation for a new lunar cycle to begin.

Journaling:  Simply writing down your thoughts is a great way to acknowledge your thoughts, your growth, and what no longer serves you and should be released.  Releasing is simply letting go.  Whether it is letting go of an idea that is no longer beneficial, or an intention that is no longer needed, releasing allows you to part ways with something, but more importantly allows room for new intentions and blessings to enter.

Clear Your Space: Releasing can and should be physical too.  Remove anything from your space that you don’t need.  You can also place things that support you around your work and rest areas such as crystals, candles, or flowers. 

Meditate:  Meditation allows you to connect with yourself, calms the mind, and in regular practice reduces cortisol in our bodies, a stress hormone all too often caused by our on the go lifestyle.  Meditation during the Full Moon allows us to use some time to embrace what the Universe is illuminating to us and listen to what our inner voice tell us we no longer need.

Charge Your Crystals:  Use the energy of the Moon to charge or clear your crystals.   Even on a cloudy evening, the energy is still present.  You can place them directly outside or in a window.

Take a Bath:  It is no secret that water is connected with the Moon.  On a scientific level, the Moon effects the tides due to its proximity to the Earth.  On a spiritual level, the Moon is believed to be connected to our emotions- the element of water being representative of our emotional nature.   A bath also allows us to focus and calm our body, giving us a moment to disconnect.

Whatever you choose to do, simply acknowledging your place in the Universe, and being thankful for where you are is a wonderful way to embrace the energy of the Full Moon. 

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