Why You Should Cleanse Your Crystals and How To Do It

Why You Should Cleanse Your Crystals and How To Do It


Crystals are from the Earth. In their rough form they might be cleaned up a bit before they reach you, or they could still be dusty- with a powdery reminder of their source.   If you buy or are gifted a tumbled crystal, it is clear it has changed from its original form, but the variations in color and unusual bumps and cracks remind you that it too started off very different. Nevertheless, crystals have a great energy, whether you can sense it or not.

Why would something of the Earth need to be cleansed?   If you are getting a crystal for its metaphysical properties, you know it is more than just a pretty stone.  Whether you select a crystal based on a recommendation, you spent time researching, you read my recommendation on the top 5 crystals to have, or whether you just picked it up, which likely is because it’s energy was calling you in some way, you are creating a connection with something that has energy.  So if it has energy and is of the Earth, depending on the properties of the stone, it can also pick up energy too.  Before you put it to use for you, you want to make sure not only that it is free from others' energy, but that you are also making a connection with it to support you. 

So what is cleansing a crystal?   Cleansing a crystal is the process of clearing the energy that it may have picked up, as mentioned before, and usually is coupled with setting an intention, or programming a crystal.   The process of cleansing a crystal removes negative and stagnant energy from the previous owner, anyone who has handled the crystal before you, or simply from the environment.  Think of all the people who walked through that crystal shop before you picked up the crystal.  Once you have cleansed it, set an intention.  This doesn't have to be complicated, just thinking about why you got the crystal is great and usually is your intention.

Since we know the why- Here is the How?  Everyone has their favorite or go to method to clear or cleanse a crystal.   The options below allow you to connect to the elements: fire, earth, air, and water.   

  1.  Moon or Sunlight- Moonlight is a great way to cleanse, but also charge crystals. Moonlight or sunlight clears energy from your crystal, and since it is the energy, you don't have to worry about if it is cloudy.  Sunlight works as well, though I prefer moonlight as some stones can fade in the sun.
  2. Candlelight allows you to invoke the element of fire, by passing your crystal above the flame.
  3. Herbs or incense is another way to clear your crystals. This method allows you to harness the air element, where you simply pass your crystal through the smoke.  You may have heard of using white sage, but you can also use a variety of herbs such as other sages, palo santo, mugwort, or yerba santa.  This is my go to method and I personally decide what my intentions are for the particular stone, and select an herb accordingly.  If I am not sure and just adding the crystal to my home I will use white sage (sustainably sourced). 
  4. Water is also an option for cleansing a crystal.  A word of caution, some stones do not react well to water and can either deteriorate or potentially release some of their chemical properties, which can be harmful in some cases.  Because of this, I rarely cleanse my crystals with water.  If I do it is to cleanse and charge them in moon water, but only for stones I know will be okay.  

Crystals not only uplift the energy in your home or personal space, but can help combat negative energy as well.  You should periodically cleanse your crystals even in your own home and space for the same reason you do when you get a new stone, to remove any energy it may pick up and to continue to assist you in your journey.  

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