Growing With the Energy of Spring

Growing With the Energy of Spring

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth.  Everything is waking back up!   Plants begin to bloom, animals reappear that have been in hibernation, and birds prepare their nests.  With all of this preparation and creation, it is hard not to feel the same level of inspiration to open the windows, let the light in, and clear out everything that may have become stagnant.  And though we don’t hibernate, our bodies relax and are also ready for a new start!

I like to take the time to reflect on what I am looking forward to.   A lot of activities for our family center on spending time outside.   We homeschool- so Spring also allows for more field trips and chances to take class outside.   It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you want to do- so a moment to sip a cup of tea and write a few things down gets everything out of my head and at least onto paper to look at later. 

Clear the Air

One of the biggest parts of my Spring preparation is preparing our home.   Our homes are filled with energy- and as long as we keep our homes filled with positive and high vibrational energy- we will be energized and balanced.  The most important thing to do is open the windows, allowing stagnant energy to leave.  Palo Santo and sage are great options to uplift the energy in your home, replacing that stagnant energy with positivity as well as create something of a protective bubble around your home.   An essential oil scented candle is also great - especially one with an oil beneficial for its calming energy such as frankincense, patchouli, or ylang ylang.

Whether you choose to walk around the home speaking your intentions of positivity, or if you choose to sit your candle or incense in one place- allow the energy to fill your home with positivity.   Two important locations are your living room and kitchen.  The kitchen is like our modern day hearth- the place where we nourish our family.   Fill it with positive energy.  The living room is where to gather- uplifting energy in this space supports our optimism, growth, and reduces stress.   

Spring Bundle showing candle, soap, crystals, and tea blend

Good Vibes Only

The final step is cleaning the front door - the gateway to our home!   Clear your home with water and for extra benefit add a bit of salt and an essential oil such as lavender or frankincense.    Clear any dirt or leaves that may have accumulated on the outside of your door.  Decluttering the physical also declutters the spiritual and mental energy. Crystals such as smoky quartz are great to have near your front door as they absorb negative energy- keeping it from entering your home.    

To support you in preparing for Spring, I have put together my favorite tools for getting ready for the season.  The Spring Bundle includes all the essential items you need to get your home ready; so enjoy the season and all the energy it brings! 

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