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Spring Bundle

Spring Bundle

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With Spring approaching, we are seeing warmer weather, flowers are popping up preparing to bloom.  Spring is symbolic of re-birth and growth.  

Support your own growth and energy with the Me Time tea blend and Magic soap.  Both with calm you and allow you to connect and embrace everything all the blessings and opportunities coming your way.

The Spring bundle also includes tool to clear your home in preparation for the season.  The amor candle, scented with ylang ylang calms the mind and reduces stress- just the environment you want to create in your home.  Palo Santo is great for cleansing the energy in your home and place Smoky quartz near your door to protect your sanctuary- repelling negative energy.  The Moonstone pendulum can assist in finding imbalances in your chakras or in your home.

The Spring Bundle includes the following:

Two (2) Smoky Quartz Crystals

Moonstone Pendulum

Palo Santo

Magic Soap: A blend of cornflower and frankincense essential oil (purple in color).

Me Time Tea Blend:  The tea is  blend a of calendula, rose and lavender, set to an oatstraw base.  Oatstraw is beneficial for bone strength and stabilizing blood sugar.  Oatstraw, calendula, and lavender support the immune system, calming the nervous system.  Rose has a variety of vitamins and minerals, beneficial to support our immune system because of its antiseptic properties and antioxidants.

Amor Candle:  This Ylang Ylang scented candle is amazing!!!  The coconut soy wax gives this a long burn-time- 24 hours long.   The scent is not only relaxing, but seriously soothing. 


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