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Mini Candle

Mini Candle

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A smaller candle, but with big energy.   Choose from the Me Time, Magic or the Rooted candle.  

With the Me Time candle, you can't help but relax.   The lavender essential oil infused candle is topped with lavender, rose, and calendula flowers- all to assist you in relaxing and resetting.  Keep the small rose quartz crystals, known for their loving and centering energy.

Select the Rooted candle to feel grounded and connected.  This beautiful candle is infused with patchouli essential oil and topped with herbs with grounding energy- yarrow, lavender, rose and rosemary. Whether you are journaling or just lighting a candle in your room, the calming energy of this candle will have you feeling grounded and rooted in who you are!

The Magic candle is just that- Magical.  This purple candle is infused with Frankincense essential oil and is topped with cornflower petals and amethyst crystals.  The amethyst and cornflower are chosen because they are both supportive of our intuition.  You will love the scent of the frankincense, an ancient resin that has been used for centuries to not only connect to our higher self, but also for its health supporting properties including being antimicrobial and antibacterial.  

This hand-poured coconut soy blend candle comes in a small 5 oz. tin.  Herbs do not need to be removed to burn candle, but will not maintain appearance once lit. Remove crystals prior to burning.  

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