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Magic Kit

Magic Kit

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All Magic!!   Enjoy the Magic Crystal candle, the Magic soap, and Magic bath salts!    Treat yourself to something special.   The Magic kit is scented with frankincense essential oil- perfect for clearing negativity, uplifting our energy and mind, and connecting to our intuition. 

The Magic Crystal candle includes embedded amethyst, and is topped with cornflower.  The coconut soy wax blend has a 60 hour burn time.  The essential oil scent is calming, but not overpowering as can be the case with fragrance oils.  

The bath soap and bath salts are a relaxing pair!  The soap is a soft lather, and created with oils and butters, including shea, coconut and olive oil- all beneficial for skin health and nourishment.  The bath salts include Himalayan salt, epsom salt for magnesium, which absorbs well via the skin, and cornflower and rose petals, both great for their skin calming and rejuvenating properties. 

Purchased together is a deal you don't want to miss!  

Please note- flowers on top will absorb as the wax melts. Crystals can be removed prior to burning or can be removed once candle has completely burned to within an inch of base.  All candles should be supervised while burning.  

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