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Me Time Kit

Me Time Kit

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Enjoy some serious Me Time!  If you are a fan of the Me Time collection, then this kit will have you in the lap of luxury- totally focusing on recharging.  The Me Time Kit includes a candle, bath salt, soap,  and tea blend.  

The Me Time candle is infused with lavender essential oil, and topped with calendula, lavender and rose petals.  For an additional piece of luxury, you will find small rose quartz crystals, beneficial for their support of our emotions.   

The Me Time soap is also topped with calendula, rose and lavender and infused with lavender oil. 

The Me Time Bath Salt nourishes your body while also clearing your energy while you relax. The Bath Salt includes calendula, rose petals, and lavender, herbs that support the skin and reduct inflammation. Epsom Salt is one of the best ways for our body to absorb magnesium, and the Himalayan Sea Salt aids in detoxification.  Enjoy relaxing to the scent of lavender essential oil and you will not be disappointed.

Finally, unwind with a cup of the Me Time tea, blended with oatstraw, calendula, lavender, and rose petals.  These herbs are relaxing, reduce inflammation, and improve our mood.

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