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Selenite is a wonderful stone.  If you are looking for your first crystal, this is it!  It has a calming energy and is well known for its ability to clear negative energy.  The best thing about selenite is that is doesn't need to be cleared like many crystals do, it clears itself.  Clearing is the process of removing negative energy from a crystal.  

Selenite is a soft crystal- named after Selene, Greek goddess of the Moon.  Selenite is a crown chakra crystal, associated with self awareness, universal consciousness, and connecting to our higher self.  Selenite should not be cleansed in water as it will cause your stone to slowly deteriorate.  It also can be scratched so be mindful- tiny hands may not be the best to carry it around as it may break if dropped- trust me.

This listing is for only 1 selenite bar,  the small is approximately 2-3 inches long.  The large is approximately 4-5 inches long.   Natural stones are not uniform so will vary slightly from image.

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