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Me Time Tea Blend

Me Time Tea Blend

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Enjoy the Me Time Tea. This tea is specifically blended to help you relax, while also supporting your wellbeing- mentally and physically.  The tea is  blend a of calendula, rose and lavender, set to an oatstraw base.  Oatstraw is beneficial for bone strength and stabilizing blood sugar.  Oatstraw, calendula, and lavender support the immune system, calming the nervous system.  Rose has a variety of vitamins and minerals, beneficial to support our immune system because of its antiseptic properties and antioxidants. This tea blend is excellent in supporting our digestive system, which can often become imbalanced due to stress.  

Small is a sample size of .2 ounces  and makes 4-5 cups. 
Regular is 1 ounce of loose herbal tea. 

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