Aries Brings In the Fire of Spring

Aries Brings In the Fire of Spring

Happy Spring Equinox & New Moon. Today we have a New Moon in Aries.  Yesterday, the Sun moved into Aries, marked by the Spring Equinox.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, marking the start of a new zodiac year. Though not in sync with our 12 month calendar’s start in January, it's impossible to ignore everything signaling new beginnings right now.  Spring is the season for our own renewal, just as nature around us begins to renew.   

Aries is a sign of action.  If you know anyone who is an Aries- they are doers, action-oriented, initiators, and maybe a little impatient too.   Ruled by Mars, Aries is a fire sign, and a cardinal sign, so you have all the stars aligned, pushing you to move!  We get great ideas, projects we have been working on take off, we feel the need to reset our space and plant seeds, literally and figuratively.  As the sun looms longer in the sky, we feel like the possibilities are endless!

I personally like to use this energy to physically get things done.  Aries rules the muscular system, so physically doing things will give us a sense of accomplishment.   Cleaning out the old, which is synonymous with Spring, is a great way to see changes in our environment, and more importantly, remove unnecessary clutter that can impact our energy.

The season also brings mental alertness.  We can feel overwhelmed by so many great ideas, a growing list of things we want to accomplish, and a need to take action immediately without thinking through the process.  Use this time to take note of all the ideas, knowing that the “how to” can be worked out later.

Finally, Spring is a great time to clear out stagnant energy.  Opening the windows creates a flow of energy that also clears out your space.  Follow this by either moving a candle from room to room, or use palo santo.   Set the intentions you want and speak the energy you want to inhabit your home and your life.

My personal ritual includes a few basic tools, which I have put together in the Spring Box.  If you are looking for some of the items you need to get you going, I hope this Kit helps you, and check out additional tips I provided in the article, Growing with the Energy of Spring.

As you enter the Spring, may you be filled with a sense of renewal and rebirth in your journey!

   - Marquex

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